Who the Hell designs cookware these days?

I’ve been wondering who exactly designs cookware.   I’m thinking its people who’ve never had to figure out storage solutions in small homes.  The designers must have gigantic kitchens with massive amounts of cabinet space and large sums of money.   Sadly, we poor average shmucks get to figure out how to store cookware that doesn’t nest, or has lids with freakishly large handles on them making it impossible to find a place to store the lids.   One manufacturer shows their cookware as “stacking” when, in truth, they’ve merely put the lids on upside down and set each piece on top of the lid of the piece below.   Magma has designed a truly stacking set, but the price is out of reach of most people, and I’m not sure that the grade of stainless steel is heavy enough for constant use.    Come on Farberware, TFAL, Tramontina ….. someone get your act together and give the public a reasonably priced, nesting set of cookware with lids that don’t have gigantic handles… knobs work just fine!   I’ll buy two sets if you do!!!!


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