Sock Monster

I don’t know anyone that enjoys mating socks.    When the triplets were born, my sister gave me a giant bag full of girl socks.  They were all really cute, and I loved them.  But I didn’t enjoy trying to mate them.  Along with the husband’s socks, socks belonging to the two older boys, my own socks and the triplets, I usually had a basket of socks to mate each time I did laundry.   And they never came out even!    One afternoon, I decided to throw out every sock in the house, and purchase all new socks.  And not just new, all one kind and one color for each member of the house.  For my husband, white crew socks with gray heels and toes, for me, white crew socks with pink heels and toes.  For the older boys, ankle socks for one, and crew socks with a black “W” emblem on them , and for the triplets, just white crew socks.  All one color and all one size.

And so I killed the sock monster.   Not only did matching them up take 1/2 the time, if there was an extra… big deal.   A mate would show up sooner or later.  Hole in a sock?  No need to throw away a pair, just the sock with a hole because sooner or later another would get a hole and that person’s socks would be back to an even number.   Mate them?  I even skipped that step now and then.  If every sock in your sock drawer is the same color and same sock… any two socks made a pair.   I kept the triplets socks in a basket on top their dresser.   Grab six, and I knew I would have 3 matching pairs of socks!

Time saving, money saving, and the sock monster banished.   These days, my pre-teen daughter has her own tastes in socks, she likes the colorful ankle socks, but she’s old enough to mate them herself!   And my two oldest are grown men and buy their own socks, but for my husband, me, and the two pre-teen boys, its still….

One size, one color, one manufacturer….. and no sock monster.



One thought on “Sock Monster

  1. lcesnick says:

    We do this too Ruthie…so worthwhile!

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